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Education & Learning …

Getting Things Done is All that Matters …

I would like to give a real example of  how I work today, compared to before.

The other day I purchased & implemented a WSO, nothing strange with that, I do it all the time.

  • Procrastinating & being a just a little to lazy.
  • Making unbalanced and bad decisions, not valuing my precious time.
  • Believing I’ve found the holy grail and never have to adapt or use any other strategy again … Ever!
  • Sitting around waiting for results, watching statistics etc …

.. can’t really say my focus was on getting things done.

Step by Step Actions that I Took

  1. Made a quick overview read the of the WSO PDF to decide if this was for me or not(… this time it was).
  2. Added New Project in my Time Recording Sheet
  3. Added New Project in Bookkeeping Sheet
  4. Implemented the necessary steps enabling an evaluation of the method.
  5. Added the exact number of dollars spent on this project to the Bookkeeping Sheet.
  6. Added the exact number of time spent on this project to the Time Recording Sheet.
  7. Added a Google Calendar note reminding me to check back on the results.
  8. Moved on to the next task in my TODO list …

That’s it ….


Crucial Decisions Involved that Saves Hours & Sometimes Days

  1. Know what steps are involved.
  2. Estimate time.
  3. If decision is not to implement, move on quickly.

  1. Add project to Time Recording Sheet(or whatever is used for time recording).
  2. Add Project to Bookkeeping Sheet(or whatever is used for bookkeeping).

  1. Get your hands dirty, Just Do It!
  2. If you outsource the implementation: Write a really good work description and hire some competent people.
  3. Be very aware of the time & money you’re spending, keep track!

  1. This could of course be phase 1 that’s ending, e.g enough for evaluation.
  2. I almost always end with setting up a Google Calendar Notice, it’s my way of mentally letting the project go until Google Calendar notifies me to check into it again.

Important: Follow these 4 Invaluable Tips Below!

4 Focus Tips that Will Instantly Improve your Online Business

  1. Have good routines for the boring tasks, like time recording and bookkeeping. This way these boring, but important tasks doesn’t distract you when working on the money making activities.
  2. Remove unnecessary & unprofitable components that disturb, cost money and possibly ruin your business (Don’t be to sentimental)
  3. Have a clearly defined goal, know what the goal is & remember this goal in every move you make.
  4. Have a well defined business model. Don’t step outside of it to much or to often


I almost forgot … the WSO I implemented does actually produce results!

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Being organized was my missing link … is it yours to??

Knowing the figures is a must, still many people don’t!

I found no tool that could keep track of the numbers the way I wanted to and that frustrated me.

Do you recognise this problem?

I use 3 Spreadsheets to document my activities.

  1. Time Recording
  2. Money Transactions
  3. Workout(yes … for the body)

  • The Overview Sheet: Sums up all the money/time on all the other sheets. Starting at the cell D5 and downwards.
  • The General Sheet: Is for money/time that you can’t tie to a specific project.
  • The Project Sheet(s): Every sheet after the General and before the “DummyEnd” sheet are different projects, there’s no limit to how many project sheets one can have. If a new project is needed, just copy another project sheet and name the sheet to project name and start to track time/money.

Download Spreadsheets Here

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Step by Step:

  1. Decide on a New project
  2. Add new Project to Time & Bookkeeping Sheets
  3. Implement Project
  4. Record Time Spent on this Project during implementation
  5. Record $$$ Spent on this Project during implementation


More Tools & Services to Help You Get Organized

  • : Online bookkeeping, No more spreadsheets and piles of paper everywhere.
  • : All your stuff in one place.


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Now that’s impressive, don’t you think?